Stacey Blinco Artist

Country born and lived, to city and beach walker, to enjoying the peace and quiet of the hills with my gorgeous staffy and cuddly cats. I just love to paint. I am mostly a self-taught Australian artist with help from artistic friends, books and online artists.  With just a love to create, I indulge in Acrylic and Oil paintings of landscapes, animals, portraits and still life using realism and impressionism and sketches with watercolour or Ink. 

Highly commended for art work through school, I entered my first display in 1992 – 93 at the local town art gallery, encouraged by my school art teacher. Encouragement from other Artistic friends built a passion and further interest in learning to sketch and paint after school.  While embracing all types of design, painting from the mind, real life, and self-taken photos, I decided it was time to refresh those skills and look at lessons in painting more seriously. I have always had a sketch book in hand full of black ink, now it was time to add colour.

 2008 saw me purchased my first easel and paints to attend a Quick Acrylic Art lesson in Caloundra, learning basics of working with Acrylic Paint . Until 2013 I produced abstract and impressionistic works in Acrylic. This also lead me to more realism in my painting work and continued improvement in sketching skills.

Starting in 2013-4 I began learning about Oils in more depth from online artists and friends.  At the same time, I started learning more about drawing and painting portraits traditionally with a three-tone pre-painting, from other online artists and joined Artist magazines for more knowledge.  Following this, I began to use social media to display my work and connect with other artists’ pages.

In the last two years I have been keeping up to date with workshops in the area of different techniques and received lessons from Oil painter Mr A.W Morton, who has taught me a lot about the techniques in which he learnt oil painting in the style of the old masters. 

My Acrylic painting entry titled “Bloom” won 1st prize in the Bell Art Exhibition of 2018 in class 18 division: New Emerging Artist Award for first exhibit which encouraged me to continue. This journey has finally led me to join Artists of Crows Nest Inc. in 2018. I became treasurer for this group in 2019 and 2020 and I just love the groups cheerful and productive mannerisms.

The love of painting on location or out taking photos with my camera to catch & keep the perfect light , inspires artistic flare within and is assisting my style to develop with time.  I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating it for you.

Art with Stacey

Commission Contracts Available

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Pictures of Materials used

  I like to use quality paint and materials such as:

* Gamblin Oil and mediums

* Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylic Paints, Mediums and brushes

* Martin F/Weber Water Oil Paints with mediums

* Fredrix Canvas Paper and Stretched canvas's. 

* Gessobords for oil, acrylic or watercolour

* Wood Panels, primed or unprimed, then gesso

* Linen Stretched Canvas's primed

* Langridge Oil Paints

* Derwent Lightfast oil pencils (new)

* Fabric Medium

* Liquitex Ink (new)

* Arches Paper/Fabriano Paper/ Quality Paper

* My Material print designs used for cushion covers are purchased and manufactured in Australia. Materials for painting on are purchased from Material shops in Australia.

* Prints on cushion covers, on display, have been printed from Officeworks Australia.

* Prints of paintings have been printed from Officeworks Australia.

Stacey in Studio
Stacey in Studio

Stacey Blinco Art in Studio

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1st Prize Certificate
1st Prize Certificate

First Prize Certificate for First Exhibition. Stacey Blinco Art

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AoCN Gallery Sign
AoCN Gallery Sign

Artist of Crows Nest Inc. Gallery Sign

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